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VINTRACHEM is a company that offers our customers quality chemical products and timely service at a fair market value. We offer component products used by our customers to produce downstream goods. We also offer numerous finished formulated products in areas such as lubricants, refrigerator compressor oils and cable compounds for telecommunication and the power transmission industry. We are problem solvers. VINTRACHEM has research and development capabilities to develop new products or help answer questions about your lubrication and formulation needs. VINTRACHEM has an extensive logistics and distribution system to warehouse products at various points around the country. We are experts at making the truckload drum and bulk carrier arrangements including rail to get our products to your location. Our relationships with customers over many years allows us to know you better, conduct systemic demand forecasting and understand your order patterns so you receive product when you need it.

Research and Development

VINTRACHEM has an R&D department where we conduct research in new product formulations and product chemistries. We are very strong in analytical chemistry. Our laboratory is equipped to conduct key ASTM testing and quality control of raw materials and finished products. Our research work is done by screening and prioritise numerous ideas that come from our customers coupled with VINTRACHEM understanding of global markets. In this fashion, we work on relevant ideas that provide solutions to solve your problems. VINTRACHEM can offer custom chemical blending sourcing for clients in various industries and applications.


Our goal is to form long term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. After the Vintrachem team of experts completes a detailed analysis of your needs we can offer many solutions including custom designed products specific to your requirements.


Vintrachem offers Analytical ASTM testing for crude oil, petrochemicals, and petroleum refined products. We lease and or supply Analytical Equipment certified by ASTM International Standards.


Over forty years experience in custom manufacturing, processing and distribution of both specialized bulk commodities in our chemical portfolio. Vintrachem offers our clients multiple manufacturing locations strategically placed throughout the US and Latin America to service our customers in a timely basis to meet their production requirements. We have never failed to deliver a product on time to any of our customers.

Vintra Chemical Solutions Inc.

Our staff is knowledgeable about the chemical supply and is eager to share that knowledge in helping customers with their chemical product and application needs.

Chemical Solutions

Certified Solutions!

All of chemical products are made in the USA and our blending facility is Certified ISO 9001:2008.

Environmental Solutions

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Our reputation for excellence in the biological and chemical sciences allows us to provide unique & alternative solutions to complex environmental problems.